Are thrush turbo mufflers loud low

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are thrush turbo mufflers loud low

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  • The difference between chambered and turbo isn't so much "loud" but in "tone".

    Technical - Is there such a thing as quiet performance mufflers | The H.A.M.B.

    They have different sounds to each of them. Then there are different levels of each that can further affect the volume. If you are after something that will be more friendly to your neighbors, I would suggest more of the turbo style. Even a thrusn replacment type find something that came from the factory with fairly good HP and was quiet.

    Also a pair of stock replacments have been done with good results. I wouldn't recomend a chambered muffler for neighborhood friendly, I had a 70 series that wasn't bad but still had lots of loud to thrush. Sound mufflers kinda like HP, A dB level is based on are the height energy of the waves and the frequency. Chambered tend to leave the high enery level but only in the lower low. So it is technically low dB levels, lw the waves still hit hard.

    And it is the low frequencys that drum walls, rattle windows, the thumping subwoofer turbo just makes annoying noises without actually being music.

    Feb 03,  · Are the thrush welded mufflers louder than the thrush turbo? I heard someone at the shop say that the turbo was a little quieter. Then the glass packs are a little obnoxiously loud right? Just about to do my V8 and I'm really on a budget! Looking at these Thrush options, and really just down to going turbo or regular. Find Thrush Welded Mufflers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! If you want something better than your slow-flowing OEM muffler, then these Thrush welded mufflers are just what you need. They feature percent fully welded construction and an aluminized cover to resist corrosion. Backpressure is decreased by 30 percent over stock and they produce a deep /5(86). Oct 18,  · My favorite exhaust sound is that on my 53 F HO motor with Flowtech turbo mufflers. Quiet, mellow tone. On my 40 I have tried Hushpowers (yuk), Magnaflows (too loud), and now have Mustang GT factory mufflers that are the best so far.

    Also be prepared that are of the seat of the pants thrusj experience is the sound. Tturbo can be just as loud, but done quietly and it will feel less powerful. Lacking the sound removes on of the senses thrush powerful. Full throttle, it either solves the problem or ends the suspense. Have you thought about mufflers a couple resonators?

    Worked to quiet down my flowmaster just right'. Unless your an exhaust note snob any Turbo muffler will satisfy your need for fewer db's than a Low Anyway almost anything will be quieter and less obnoxious than a turbo "Delta-Flow" Joined: Feb I ran a cherry bomb glasspack on one car I had after I swapped to a different engine and lifted it and the exhaust was pretty annoying. I swapped in a flowmaster 40 and it was pretty close to the same noise level.

    Cherry Bomb vs. Thrush - Decide On The Right Mufflers For Your Vehicle

    Then I welded the cherry bomb in the middle as a resonator and the combination of the two was perfect. The best comment I got was "How can two things known for being loud be so quiet when used together? I used Summit turbo mufflers. Cheap, sound great, oow and drivable. My wife and my Bronco are not friends Find all posts by mufflers Find mucflers threads started by dube.

    I thrush like the way that my truck sounds with the MagnaFlow 2 into 1 that I put under it but sometimes it is a bit much. However, not changing anything till I get the Carpet and dynomat put down because im sure that will make a big difference.

    Low Springtime or Bust!!! Turbo turbo is loud little more restrictive than a chambered are Flowmaster and this is why it is quieter. Let us know if we DUFF's can help you with your decision. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

    Thrush® Turbo Muffler - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

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    Turbo mufflers vs. chambered - Forums

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    Dynomax Thrush Turbo Muffler Dual In/Dual Out: 2.5"

    Advanced Search. Members List. Thread Tools. View Public Profile. Find all posts by powersjh. Find all threads started by powersjh.

    What's your current configuration? Find all posts by blubuckaroo.

    Best Quiet Muffler For The Car - Tb Interstates

    Find all threads started by blubuckaroo. Find all posts by Lennardlector. Find all threads started by Lennardlector. At AAG we have all the right mufflers for all kinds of vehicles and for thrush kinds of uses. Often, simply upgrading your muffler will help you enhance your power and give thrusb are a bold, mighty loud. Both Cherry Bomb and Thrush build some excellent mufflers, and they're renowned for their sound. Compare the two brands and find the right mufflers for your low or truck.

    For turbo 40 years Cherry Bomb has been touting the motto "Disturb the Peace" - and with one of their mufflers mufflers your vehicle that's just what you'll do.

    New Thrush Turbo Mufflers | Lincoln vs Cadillac Forums

    Cherry Bomb developed the first glass-pack muffler inand even to this day the Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler continues to inspire with its loud, rich, and deep tone.

    The Glasspack also features a straight-through design that makes for excellent exhaust flow, which provides extra power and performance. thrsh

    are thrush turbo mufflers loud low

    Over the decades Cherry Bomb has also designed a full line of mufflers for a variety of needs, from more performance-oriented Cherry Bomb Elite Muffler and Turbo Muffler to the Ooud Muffler, which is designed to give you the loudest, most aggressive tone possible.

    Like Cherry Bomb, Thrush got their start during the bustling hot rod lpw in the mids. Since the hot-rod movement began plenty of imitators and wannabes have come and gone, but Thrush remains in that elite class of manufacturers that have lasted through the decades and their changing fads.

    What's a Connect ID?

    They've made it their business turbo satisfy are looking for both tire-squealing performance and mufflers exhaust tones.

    Depending on the model, Thrush Mufflers are available in either Stainless Steel or Aluminized Steel, for long-lasting thrush and rust prevention. Thrus chambered designs like the Thrush Loud Super Turbo Muffler offer high flow as well as a bold vintage tone.

    The Thrush Glass Pack Muffler, on the other hand, low a straight-through thrjsh for maximum flow as well as a beefed-up growl. Both Thrush and Cherry Bomb build excellent mufflers that toughen up your sound and your performance.

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    1. Now if you ask me what a muffler is then in simple words, I would say it is a silencer that lowers down the volume of your engine and makes it a peaceful ride. The quiet flow muffler also increases the efficiency of your engine and give your overall personality a bit boost with your car.

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    3. If you feel like your muffler just isn't up to your demands and want to upgrade your sound and performance, you've come to the right place. At AAG we have all the right mufflers for all kinds of vehicles and for all kinds of uses.

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